Tea Strips Are Totally a Thing—and We Tried 'Em!

Jul 19, 2019

Dahvi Shira
Olyxir tea strips reached out about trying samples, I jumped at the opportunity.

The Product

Olyxir's olive leaf tea strips come in three flavors with three different purposes: honey lemon rose (rejuvenate), original (focus) and ginger-peach (energize). Each flavor (all of which are caffeine-free) is sold separately in a sleek case packed with 10 strips. Refill packs of 25 are sold separately.

Going back to the packaging, I love the cases. Once you finish your strips, you can absolutely use your case to pack a few business cards, notes or other super thin items. The strips are very thin (as seen in the video below), easy to transport and equally easy to share with a friend.


The strips are easy to use, and what's even better is they dissolve in either hot or cold water. All you really need is a stirrer of some sort, and within seconds, voila, a cup of tea! The tea has a distinct taste that differs from tea brewed from bags, but it's refreshing nonetheless. I miss the caffeine aspect, but that's me.

Bottom Line

I love the innovative concept of Olyxir products. No one wants to lug around bags of tea and continuously hunt for hot water. Olyxir's tea strips make drinking the refreshing and tranquil beverage easier than ever before.

That said, I do wish there were caffeinated options. During the busy school or workday, if it's between decaf tea or caffeinated coffee, you can probably guess which path I'm going to choose. Though I do like that the teas have different benefits, including options that are meant to give you added energy.

Overall, I think the strips are worth a try. They bring a unique flair to the tea world, they're easy to use and, even though the holidays are a ways away, they'd make for excellent stocking stuffers. Olyxir also makes olive leaf chocolate bars and other unique products that may pique a health-conscious consumer's interest.