At Olyxir, our founder Josephine believes

that all remedies to human beings’ ailments are found within Mother Nature. Josephine has been learning about the powerful healing and preventative properties of olive leaves since she was a young girl. Olive leaves have been known for centuries in the Mediterranean as the old world’s medicine for longevity and good health - but these benefits are not just folklore. Josephine has scientifically proven the olive leaf to be high in antioxidants, antiviral, antibacterial, and known for its ability to aid in lowering blood pressure and regulating blood sugar.

Ethically and organically sourced from California olive tree orchards, Olyxir is a patented and super potent antioxidant olive leaf powder developed in collaboration with the USDA. By harnessing the power of olive leaves, Olyxir is your new secret weapon to take on today and elevate tomorrow. Choose how you experience the benefits of Olyxir with our naturally energizing teas, organic vegan chocolates, nourishing skincare products, and signature dissolvable powder. Olive the benefits, leaf the rest to us.

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Olyxir is a family of wholesome, eco-consciously handcrafted goods that embody the healing properties of olive leaves.

We believe that what we use to heal ourselves should not harm the earth. We believe that cultural secrets to longevity are meant to be shared across borders. Most importantly, we believe that getting the nutrients your body craves should be simple, delicious, and empowering.

Our unique patented powder derived from the leaves of our California-grown olive trees embodies all of these beliefs. Olyxir products are rich in antioxidants, naturally energizing, eco-friendly, and infused with ancient Mediterranean wisdom. Our organic vegan chocolate bars, dissolvable tea strips, beauty line, potent CBD products, and signature powder allow you to experience the benefits of Olyxir your way.

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Being Eco-Friendly is our mission.

Because the benefits of Olyxir come from Mother Nature, we believe that in turn, the production of Olyxir should never harm Mother Nature. All of our leaves come from the harvests and pruning of our own olive trees. The making of our products uses as little water and energy as possible. Because Olyxir is directly sourced, Olyxir avoids excess pollution caused by transportation of raw ingredients. While the extra leaves for other products typically go to landfills, creating more carbon monoxide, our leaves are used to make stable, bioavailable antioxidant-rich products. And, of course, our packaging is reusable and as efficiently compact as possible. We take care of our Earth so it can take care of us.

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