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Ashley Howard's Blog

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been drinking a tea called Olyxir every morning. I’ve been drinking it for about 3 weeks now and wanted to share what I thought about it with you guys!

A few months ago, I was listening to a lecture and I learned about the vast amount of polyphenols that are found in olives and their byproducts. I was specifically learning about extra virgin olive oil and how only olive oil contains a polyphenol called oleocanthal, which acts almost like an ibuprofen. Interesting, right?! I then heard about this company, Olyxir, and the green olive leaf extract tea that they sell. So I did some research and used myself as a guinea pig. To my surprise, I learned that olive leaf extracts are LOADED with antioxidants and have almost double the antioxidant capacity compared to green tea extract. Pretty insane stuff! It is also known to… lower blood pressure, treat arthritis, and kill harmful bacteria and fungi in the body. OH, also a great choice for a hangover cure. Trust me. Why don’t more people know about this?!

After drinking the tea first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, for 3 weeks… I have to be honest – I think I’m glowing. My skin has been really clear and just looking healthy. Healthy looking skin in the dead of winter while living in Michigan is hard to come by! So, WIN. I also haven’t been hit with the flu bug, which is insane right now! People dying in Florida?! It’s terrible! So I’ve been making sure that I am doubling up in my vitamins and veggies and this tea is definitely on that list.

As far as taste goes… this is something a lot of people have been asking me. It doesn’t taste bad, but it’s not the most delicious thing I’ve ever had. It tastes like… fruity vitamins? I have the peach flavor and maybe I’m used to it, but it really isn’t that bad! It just tastes a little ‘vitaminy’.

If you’re curious about this tea, want an antioxidant boost, or glowing skin – I would definitely give it a try! I’ve only had the peach flavor, so if you try another flavor let me know how it tastes! It has kind of become routine for me now and it makes me feel good in the mornings. But don’t worry, I haven’t cut my coffee out. That is one thing that will never leave my diet no matter how many people claim that is isn’t the best for you or your adrenals. #sorrynotsorry