Joan Vieweger Executive V.P., PERSPECTIVES/The Consulting Group, Inc.


Olyxir has combined the power and benefits of olive leaf together with innovation, ingenuity and good taste. The result is a line of contemporary products that nourish the body, soothe the soul and bring joy and happiness to all.

Julia Sabin The J.M. Smucker Company


The wonderfully delicate and delicious flavors are so soothing, but what I find most special and innovative about Olyxir are the potent functional benefits that come from actual olive leaves. The uniqueness and purity of these products are a giant step up from anything else I’ve seen on the market. Thank you Olyxir!


Olive the energy. None of the caffeine

Our olive-leaf based Olyxir powder has comparable amounts of antioxidants to those of ceremonial grade A matcha. You can enjoy a natural energy boost as you consume Olyxir in its powder, tea, chocolate without the caffeine-induced highs and lows.

A Letter from
the Founder

I believe that all human beings ailments' remedies are found within Mother Nature. And so did my ancestors, the Phoenicians.

I believe that every natural remedy has its own story. A story of heritage and tradition passed down through generations. A story that inspires open minded explorers to uncover the intuitive healing powers of these ancient teachings.

It could not be more fitting that throughout history and across cultures, the olive branch has come to symbolize peace. Olyxir is our olive branch to you, an offering of natural energy, anti-aging properties, and countless health benefits.

Why Olyxir?
No artificial flavors
Made in the USA


Olyxir is rich in the following components proven to have health benefits.

  • Luteolin-7-glucoside: Inhibits cancer and reduces oxidative stress and inflammation*
  • Verbascoside: Reduces risk of heart problems and anxiety, slows down aging process*
  • Apigenin-7-glucoside: Lowers blood pressure, helps build a stronger immune system*
  • Oleuropein: Reduces inflammation, risk of cancer, and colics*

*For more supporting studies and references, click here